Chilled Children

Chilled Children is a fun and effective way of improving children’s Emotional Balance, Mental Well-being, Behaviour, Concentration and Learning. The Chilled Children programme has been written and developed to harness the amazing power of a child’s imaginative mind and to turn it from a distraction, into a powerful and positive tool. Also available, ‘Chilled for Autism’ is aimed at Children on the Autistic Spectrum

What is included in our Chilled Children and Chilled for Autism Package?

Complete Package

The complete Chilled package contains:-

Video and Audio Online Content

Mindfulness Meditations

For Focus and Attention

Mindfulness Meditations

For Learning

Therapeutic Sessions

For Mental and Emotional Well-being


De-Stress Session

Creative Writing Session

Online Content

Monthly Subscription

No Contract

Cancel Anytime

For Organisations working with Children


Charities & Community Groups
Police & Prison Services

Social Media

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We will be donating 50p from every book sold to the Cystic Fibrosis Care charity, so you will be making a valuable contribution to helping children and families dealing with Cystic Fibrosis.