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Stress Management Training


Chilled Staff – Beating Stress

Stress is a massive challenge in life and can be damaging personally and professionally. Learn skills, tools and techniques and get resources to beat and avoid stress, become more motivated and fall back in love with your job and your life. Includes time management, work life balance and goal setting.


Staff Well-being and Stress Management

A 2 part online training course originally developed for and delivered to the ATL and NEU teaching unions, now updated for online delivery for all Businesses and Organisations

Why Look After Your Staff?

Staff Performance drives Results, Productivity and Profit.  The success of your Business or Organisation depends on the performance of your staff.

Value your Assets

Employment, Training and Equipment have a high cost. Trained staff are an investment and an asset. The cost of staff absence and loss of staff is huge, not just in replacement, but loss of knowledge, training and Business continuity.

Invest in your Assets

Staff Well-being and Stress Management strategies are an investment in your business assets.

Invest Today

To improve performance, productivity and motivation.

Interactive Training

Our Staff Wellbeing training is Interactive and Experiential. We help people understand Stress and it’s impact on their Wellbeing and help them build a Personal Stress Management and Personal Development Plan

Stress Management and Staff Well Being Training


Online Staff Well-being training course for Stress Management and Staff Well-being.

Stress is a massive challenge in life and can be damaging both personally and professionally. When employees are motivated and feel valued, they will generally put their best effort into the tasks assigned to them and produce the best results. Reducing stress improves physical and mental health, motivation, performance and productivity.

Includes Stress Triggers, Stress Symptoms, Understanding Personal Stress, Meditation, Breathing, Goal Setting, Time Management and much more….

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What our Clients say

“I learnt a lot more about noticing mental illness and the demonstration of the tools were really helpful. Thanks a lot!”

“Very interesting, given me some things to try at school with my students who are struggling”

“We received very useful tools to deal with stress. It was a very practical session”

“Great to take away strategies to De-stress and understanding the importance of health and well-being for everyone”

“A great session with lots of information to take back to the classroom”

“Every student teacher needs to attend this as we are the people who will teach the generation to work in jobs not yet invented”

“Very informative and relatable to real life situations”

“10/10 – Really useful ideas – I liked the structure of it”

“Fantastic session with detailed information shared. Very useful session”

“Enjoyed session, learned a lot of new info – Good resources.”

“Excellent course, very interesting”