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We can help:


  • Management and employee online training
  • Demonstrate good practice as an employer
  • Group sessions and one-to-one support
  • Workforce Stress Assessments
  • Stress Management employee progress reports
  • Motivation and goal setting
  • Management reporting
  • Certificate of participation

As businesses are looking for ways to adapt to new markets and environments during Covid-19, they need to ensure staff return motivated and mentally prepared. Now more than ever, it is important to engage your workforce in developing their own stress management plans and coping strategies.

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Why Tackle Stress?

Stress can be damaging to your business and your staff.


Protect your Business from the risks of Stress

Businessess have a legal responsibility and obligation to protect staff from stress and risk compensation claims from staff for failing to do so. Make sure your business is protected.

Invest in your Assets

Employees are a businesses primary assests. Initiating and maintain an effective Stress Management policy is an investment in your business assets.

Improve and Protect your Business

We offer a complete programme of Stress Management training and ongoing support to protect your business, Satisfy your legal obligations and improve output and profit. Improves staff motivation, performance and productivity. Improves staff mental and physical health.

A Complete Stress Management Programme

Our Stress Management programme includes an online training course for employees, ongoing annual support that improve and protect your business through a measurable and documented support strategy.

Interactive Training

Our Staff Wellbeing training is Interactive and Experiential. We help people understand Stress and it’s impact on their Wellbeing and help them build a Personal Stress Management and Personal Development Plan

What does Stress do?

  • Compromises the immune system leading to more illnesses
  • Increases heart rate risking heart attack
  • Causes shallow breathing risk of panic attacks
  • Can lead to depression risk to Mental Health

Meditation can help with all of the above

Try our free Relax and De-stress Meditation video for instant help

Stress Management and Staff Well Being Training


Online Staff Well-being training course for Stress Management and Staff Well-being.

Stress is a massive challenge in life and can be damaging both personally and professionally. When employees are motivated and feel valued, they will generally put their best effort into the tasks assigned to them and produce the best results. Reducing stress improves physical and mental health, motivation, performance and productivity.

Includes Stress Triggers, Stress Symptoms, Understanding Personal Stress, Meditation, Breathing, Goal Setting, Time Management and much more….

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Proud to support InvestSefton

We are proud to support InvestSefton our local business growth hub through our Stress Management Workshop delivered to local business owners

What our Clients say

“I learnt a lot more about noticing mental illness and the demonstration of the tools were really helpful. Thanks a lot!”

“Very interesting, given me some things to try at school with my students who are struggling”

“We received very useful tools to deal with stress. It was a very practical session”

“Great to take away strategies to De-stress and understanding the importance of health and well-being for everyone”

“A great session with lots of information to take back to the classroom”

“Every student teacher needs to attend this as we are the people who will teach the generation to work in jobs not yet invented”

“Very informative and relatable to real life situations”

“10/10 – Really useful ideas – I liked the structure of it”

“Fantastic session with detailed information shared. Very useful session”

“Enjoyed session, learned a lot of new info – Good resources.”

“Excellent course, very interesting”