Supporting Mental Health

Supporting Business

Improving and Protecting Businesses

through Stress Management

All employers have a duty of care towards the health of their staff, which includes the prevention of stress related illnesses

They must ensure that as much assistance, training, support and guidance is offered to staff as possible, so that stress at work can be avoided. If they don’t, they may be held liable should an employee pursue a claim against them

Complete Stress Management Solution

– Satisfy your legal obligations

– Protect your business

– Improve staff performance

– Increase productivity

– Increase profit

– Maximise staff potential

Supporting Schools

Chilled Children

A Visualisation, Imagination and Meditation based resource for Emotional Balance and Mental Well-being.

Chilled Children is a fun and effective way of improving children’s Emotional Balance, Mental Well-being, Behaviour, Concentration and Learning. The Chilled Children programme has been written and developed to harness the amazing power of a child’s imaginative mind and to turn it from a distraction, into a powerful and positive tool. Also available, ‘Chilled for Autism’ is aimed at Children on the Autistic Spectrum.

Supporting Parents

Sleeepy Storiezzz

Illustrated and Audio children’s bedtime story book.

This book is a bedtime story book with a difference. Your child will become part of the story using their imagination and the words they hear will have a deep and profound effect – using techniques taken from Clinical Hypnotherapy and Meditation, the stories are designed to take your child quickly and easily into a deep relaxing sleep.

Our Mission

“To provide resources to support children and young people’s Mental and Emotional health, to enable them to become balanced, positive and successful adults.”

Page Links

Stress Management Course

  • Why managing stress can improve your business productivity and profit
  • Legal responsibilities in relation to stress management and staff wellbeing
  • The risks to your business of not dealing with stress
  • Motivating staff and goal setting, for increased Performance, Productivity & Profit
  • How to implement a stress management strategy in your business

Immersive Therapy

Working in collaboration with Immersive Interactive, we can provide all of our Business, School and Parent Mental Health support services in a fully immersive and interactive room environment.

Sleeepy Storiezzz

Do you have difficulty getting your child to sleep at night? Suffering from a long bedtime routine? Read more about our book Sleeepy Storiezzz.

Chilled Children

Our Chilled Children programme provides parents with a range of resources to help children with Mental and Emotional Well-being.

Chilled for Autism

Meditation and Drawing based exercises to help children on the spectrum explore and understand their feelings and emotions.

Chilled Teens APP

We are currently working with support from Liverpool John Moores University to create our Mental and Emotional Well-being App for teenagers and young adults.


Hear what previous customers have to say.

“A beautifully illustrated book with a captivating story line.
Perfect to get your little ones off to sleep and into the realm of magical dreamland. Wonderful!
Congratulations to you. Truly inspired.”
“Bought this book for my 21month old niece. She had gone through a spell of not sleeping through the night and being especially hard work going to bed, she wouldn’t settle, and I had her with me and saw first-hand the protest.
Cue this book – I pass to my sister as an early birthday present for my niece and first night, it worked! My sister’s words ‘that book’s magic’.
Would 100% recommend this book to all parents (and aunties who do helpful sleepovers!)”
“We’ve tried so many bedtime stories and this one worked the best. Changed our 60-minute bedtime routine to a 10 minute one and finally had our evening back. Great work Sleeepy Storiezzz, thoroughly recommend it to all parents”.
“A great alternative to the normal bed time stories if you’re looking for something new to help with your kids getting to sleep. Really engaging and subtle in the way it works”.
“Engaging alternative bedtime read. Really nicely illustrated. It’s helped to make our wrestles bedtime routine become more manageable”.
“Arh yes, I listened to help me to sleep too haha I I liked it a lot!!! Wonderful product!
Will be a perfect Xmas present for my two Nephews: Keep up the good work!”
“The most amazing book. My girls go to sleep brilliantly every night. Now 2 friends have bought the book and it’s working great for their children too!”
“Wow this book works every night for my little girl goes straight to sleep listening to the cd! Brilliant book and wonderful stories”.